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Asian Citizen's Center for Environment and Health
  1. Toxic disinfectant victim evaluations under fire 인기글

    By최예용Views1103날짜2016-08-25 23:46:39
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  2. Korea confirms 35 more toxic humidifier sterilizer victims 인기글

    By최예용Views989날짜2016-08-20 20:29:50
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  3. Victims rebuff Oxy's final compensation plan 인기글

    By최예용Views898날짜2016-08-02 22:03:29
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  4. Time for punitive damages 인기글

    Parties should adopt the system by year's end
    By최예용Views938날짜2016-07-22 21:48:08
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  5. 5 toxins banned from spray products 인기글

    By최예용Views866날짜2016-07-18 00:36:10
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  6. Fears grow over toxic chemicals in products 인기글

    By최예용Views792날짜2016-07-11 21:57:30
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  7. Victims deride expanded Oxy RB compensation plan 인기글

    By최예용Views834날짜2016-06-28 20:37:31
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  8. Elderly victims overlooked in disinfectant tragedy 인기글

    By최예용Views954날짜2016-06-09 21:17:19
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  9. Victims of toxic chemicals call for safer society 인기글

    By최예용Views876날짜2016-06-09 21:12:34
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  10. Gov't to support disinfectant victims 인기글

    By최예용Views895날짜2016-06-05 19:09:01
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  11. Discarding RB products 인기글

    By최예용Views934날짜2016-06-01 21:15:29
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  12. Prosecution seeks to question RB officials 인기글

    By최예용Views1025날짜2016-06-01 00:26:44
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  13. Briton stages fight against Oxy RB 인기글

    By최예용Views939날짜2016-05-27 21:23:04
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  14. Calls grow to probe other sterilizer-makers 인기글

    By최예용Views766날짜2016-05-25 23:47:02
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  15. Ex-Oxy RB CEO summoned in disinfectant probe 인기글

    By최예용Views823날짜2016-05-24 21:20:14
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